Dental Implants

Implants are a good fixed option to replace one or more of your teeth. It is a great long-term investment that is secure and feels like your own teeth.

The first visit is with the oral surgeon who places the implant to allow it to integrate with your bone, also known as “osseointegration”. This process of osseointegration allows the implant to be strong and anchored and has a waiting period up to several months. During this time, you will be checking in periodically with the oral surgeon to make sure things are healing well.

Once the implant has integrated well with your bone, your next visit will be with us to restore the implant. I take a series of impressions of your teeth with the implant, which will help us fabricate a new post and tooth for you to place on top of the implant. Just like crowns and bridges, we can fabricate this new tooth with a variety of materials such as all-ceramic, porcelain fused to a metal alloy, or gold.

Finally your last visit, we try-in your new crown and custom fit it to your implant. It is secured by a screw or cemented in, depending on the implant system being used in your situation.