Dr. Krystle Lim and Dr. Michael Perry, Santa Rosa Dentists


A warm welcome to our practice and, we feel, a different kind of dental care.

Dentistry has changed quickly and dramatically in the last few years. Because of refined procedures, materials and yes, attitude, dental health has become an attainable goal for almost everyone.

This “new face” of dentistry has galvanized our practice and all our staff. We work together to deliver the best care possible in a gentle and caring, but also upbeat, environment. Our patients, including those we have yet to meet, are an important part of this promising picture. Patients in our practice are participants, not bystanders, in their own health.

Our stated goals are “excellence, compassion, and great smiles,” so we go the extra mile. Quality dentistry makes our day.

- Krystle Lim DDS, Santa Rosa

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